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This is a property of type Text.

Element: Keywords.
For more information, please refer to W3C Dataset Descriptions.

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Add Health +income and poverty  +, unemployment  +, availability and utilization of health services  +,


CPRD +Clinical events (medical diagnoses)  +, primary care  +, secondary care  +,
CPRD v0 +See Summary Level.  +


HCUP +hcup  +, healthcare cost and utilization project  +, health  +,
HCUP v0 +See Summay Level.  +
HCUP v0 ds +US health  +
Humedica v0 +See Summary Level.  +


KID +pediatric  +
KID v0 +See Summary Level.  +
KID v0 ds +US kids  +


MDS +physcial  +, clinical  +, psychological  +,
MIMIC +ICU patient  +
MIMIC-II v2.6 +See Summary Level.  +
MIMIC-II v2.6 db +See Summary Level.  +
MIMIC-III v1.3 +See Summary Level.  +
MIMIC-III v1.3 csv +See Summary Level.  +
MIMIC-III v1.3 db +See Summary Level.  +
MIMIC-III v1.4 +See Summary Level.  +
MIMIC-III v1.4 csv +See Summary Level.  +
MIMIC-III v1.4 db +See Summary Level.  +
MarketScan +mscan  +, large employers  +, health plans  +,
MarketScan CCE +inpatient  +, outpatient  +, annual enrollment  +,
MarketScan CCE v0 +See Summary Level.  +
MarketScan CCE v0 db +See Summary Level.  +
MarketScan Medicare Supplemental +inpatient  +, outpatient  +, annual enrollment  +,
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