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This is a property of type Text.

Element: Version identifier.
For more information, please refer to W3C Dataset Descriptions.

Pages using the property "Pav:version"

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Add Health v0 +1994 - present  +


ChestX-ray14 +ChestX-ray14  +
ChestX-ray14 ds +ChestX-ray14  +
Clinformatics v7.0.4 +7.0.4  +


MDS 3.0 +Long Term Care Minimum Data Set 3.0  +
MIMIC-II v2.6 +MIMIC-II v2.6  +
MIMIC-II v2.6 db +MIMIC-II v2.6  +
MIMIC-III v1.3 +MIMIC-III v1.3  +
MIMIC-III v1.3 csv +MIMIC-III v1.3  +
MIMIC-III v1.3 db +MIMIC-III v1.3  +
MIMIC-III v1.4 +MIMIC-III v1.4  +
MIMIC-III v1.4 csv +MIMIC-III v1.4  +
MIMIC-III v1.4 db +MIMIC-III v1.4  +
MedMining v0 +1999 to present  +
MedMining v0 db +present  +


NHANES 2017-2018 +NHANES 2017-2018  +
NHANES 2017-2018 ds +NHANES 2017-2018  +


Premier v0 +1999 to present  +
Premier v0 db +present  +
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