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Facts about "ChestX-ray14"
Dcat:accessURLhttps://nihcc.app.box.com/v/ChestXray-NIHCC +
Dcat:distributionChestX-ray14 ds +
Dcat:landingPagehttps://nihcc.app.box.com/v/ChestXray-NIHCC +
Dct:contributorhttps://clinicalcenter.nih.gov +
Dct:creatorhttps://www.cc.nih.gov/drd/summers.html +
Dct:descriptionThe NIH Clinical Center recently released
The NIH Clinical Center recently released over 100,000 anonymized chest x-ray images and their corresponding data to the scientific community. The release will allow researchers across the country and around the world to freely access the datasets and increase their ability to teach computers how to detect and diagnose disease. Ultimately, this artificial intelligence mechanism can lead to clinicians making better diagnostic decisions for patients. 
better diagnostic decisions for patients.  +
Dct:isVersionOfChestX-ray +
Dct:issued15 December 2017 +
Dct:languagehttp://lexvo.org/id/iso639-3/eng +
Dct:publisherhttps://www.nih.gov/ +
Dct:sourceNational Institutes of Health - Clinical Center +
Dct:titleChestX-ray14 +
Foaf:pagehttps://nihcc.app.box.com/v/ChestXray-NIHCC +
Idot:preferredPrefixChestX-ray14 +
Pav:previousVersionChestX-ray8 +
Pav:versionChestX-ray14 +
Rdf:typedctypes:Dataset +
Subject number30,805 +
Table number14 +